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Concerts for 2017-18


Platinum Anniversary Season

founded 1947

Chipping Sodbury Music Society aims to bring together lovers of different types of music and musicians in a friendly, convivial atmosphere.

Our Platinum Anniversary Season!

Photos from our concerts in Chipping Sodbury Town Hall

Community Matters


For the second year in a row, Chipping Sodbury Music Society were delighted to be included in Waitrose's "Community Matters" scheme, where shoppers drop green tokens into containers for the charity of their choice.























Fred Willington, Chairman of CS Music Society collectts a cheque for £279 from Shirley Carmichael, Community Matters Champion, Waitrose, Chipping Sodbury on May 4th 2017.

Our new Patron - Trevor Herbert


We are delighted to welcome our new Patron, Trevor Herbert, who will be taking over from Jack Russell in time for our 70th Anniversary celebrations next season. It has been a pleasure to work with Jack and we would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his support.


Trevor is well-known locally for his association with Hobbs House Bakery but also has a long-standing interest in music, particularly choral works. He is currently a member of Stroud Choral Society and performs with them regularly. Trevor and his family have supported our Society for many years and we look forward to enjoying a future of listening to great music together.



Tuesday – 5th December 2017 – 7.30pm




Director – Belinda Sykes


Make We Myrth


Stonkingly enjoyable medieval, folk and world music from this London-based ensemble. They are particularly interesting for the way in which they imaginatively push, and often transcend, the limits of what is thought of as early music.


For 25 years Joglaresa has followed the flow of modal music through time and across continents, from the ‘Dark’ Ages to the present day. It can be tempting to think of music’s journey through time and space in terms of an unquestioned, and limited, search for ‘differences’ or ‘progress’. However, in comparison the connections and continuities are much stronger, infinitely more human, and more completely linked to other aspects of life and living. Bringing alive these connections, joining hands with musicians through time and space, is at the centre of Joglaresa’s music-making. Our modern-but-modal arrangements are the essence of our singing and playing, making ‘all time…eternally present’. We want fellow minstrels from across time to step out of the history books and join us in our concerts and recordings right here and now.


Tickets can also be bought from Cadeaux & Co

Hatherell's Yard,

Chipping Sodbury




Make We Myrth


Gabriel that Angel Bright


Peperit Virgo


Ave rosa (mash-up)


Rosa fragrans


Come Mad Boys


The Killer Rabbit (instrumental)


Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind


The Coventry Carol


Personent hodie


Unto Us Is Born a Son





Verbum bonum/Vinum bonum


Wynter wakeneth al my care


Bonaparte Crossing the Alps


Qui creavit celum


A Lovely Rose


Nova stella apparita


In dulci jubilo


Veni, veni Emmanuel


The Boar’s Head Carol


Ding Dong



C15th England


C15th England


Richard de Ledrede, C14th England


Anon/Dead Or Alive/Sykes/Flo Rida


C13th England


C16th England


Cantiga de Santa Maria 322, C13th Spain


Shakespeare/Orlando Gough


Based on a C16th English source


Piae Cantiones, C16th Scandinavia


Piae Cantiones, C16th Scandinavia





Convent of Las Huelgas, Spain C14th


C15th England/Belinda Sykes


Traditional, Ireland


C13th England


Text: C15th, Music: Belinda Sykes


Laudario di Firenze, Italy C14th


Piae Cantiones, C16th Scandinavia


Medieval antiphon for Advent


C16th England


Thoinot Arbeau (1588)/George Ratcliffe Woodward (d.1934)






Tuesday – 20th February 2018 – 7.30pm




Four talented artists whose playing is technically superb and delivered with the wide range of colours, which makes the harp so attractive.


Since their formation in 2000, 4 Girls 4 Harps have been heard in numerous venues and festivals in the UK and across Europe, delighting audiences with their dynamic performances and innovative repertoire.



The quartet has featured on BBC Radio 3’s In Tune, BBC Radio 2’s Friday Night is Music Night, BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour, Classic FM, and Welsh television channel, S4C.


They have performed at The World Harp Congress in Dublin, The Fairfield Halls, St George's, Bristol, Champs Hill, and at London’s King’s Place.


Tickets can also be bought from Cadeaux & Co

Hatherell's Yard,

Chipping Sodbury

Tuesday - 13th March 2018 – 7.30pm




A welcome return for this classical woodwind trio formed in 2003 by postgraduate students at the Royal Academy of Music.


Jemma Bausor (oboe) was born in Warwickshire and studied at Wells Cathedral School and the Royal College of Music, where she won the Peter Pears Duo Prize. Jemma is frequently in demand as a soloist; her concerto work has taken her around Europe and as far away as Thailand.


Helen James (clarinet) began playing clarinet through County Durham’s Music Service. She continued her studies at Trinity College of Music where she was awarded the Wilfred Hambleton Award and the Gladys Puttick Prize for improvisation.


Alexandra Davidson (bassoon), is originally from Bournemouth, and took her first degree at Oxford University, where she held an instrumental scholarship. She went on to study at the Royal Academy of Music, where she won the Florence Woodbridge bassoon prize.


Tickets can also be bought from Cadeaux & Co

Hatherell's Yard,

Chipping Sodbury

Tuesday – 10th April 2018 – 7.30pm




This is a musically diverse piano trio (piano, double bass and drums) influenced by Dave Brubeck, Jacque Loussier and others. They specialise in jazz arrangements of classical themes, folk songs, jazz standards and original compositions.


Tickets can also be bought from Cadeaux & Co

Hatherell's Yard,

Chipping Sodbury

Tickets can also be bought from Cadeaux & Co

Hatherell's Yard,

Chipping Sodbury

Tuesday – 8th May 2018 – 7.30pm




Simon Mayor, not only a mandolin player but also a fine guitarist, composer, producer and wit, is joined by Hilary James pounding the mighty mandobass, Gerald Garcia, one of the world’s finest guitarists and Richard Collins, guitarist and one of the hottest 5-string banjo players around.








The Mandolinquents don't have a fixed programme but it will include many from this list of their favourite pieces:


The Typewriter (Leroy Anderson arr Mayor)

You may recognise the theme tune of the News Quiz, BBC Radio 4

Recording: Dance of the Comedians CDACS 054


Can Love Be Controlled by Advice (from Gay's Beggar's Opera arr Mayor)

Recording: English Sketches - Hilary James CDACS059


Taxi Horn Rag (Mayor)

From Simon's new CD The Art of Mandolin


Will You Come to the Bower (Trad arr Mayor)

Fiddle, guitar and voice

Recording: Dance of the Comedians CDACS 054


The Shearing's Not for You (Trad arr Mayor)

This sad and beautiful ballad comes from the English / Scottish borders.

Recording: Laughing with the Moon CDACS 049


Summer (Chinese trad arr Garcia)

A haunting melody arranged for mandolin and guitar duet.

Recording: Dance of the Comedians CDACS 054


The Dark and Slender Boy/ The Butterfly/ Atholl Highlanders (Trad arr Mayor/James)

Mandolin and mandobass duet

Recording: New Celtic Mandolin - Simon Mayor


Fireflies (Simon Mayor)

Mandolins and guitar accompany Hilary's voice on this evocative song.


The Buttermere Waltz (Mayor)

This haunting melody was inspired by teenage hiking holidays in the Lake District.

Recording: The Second Mandolin Album - Simon Mayor CDACS 014

Concerts for the Chipping Sodbury Music Society are performed in the historic setting of

Chipping Sodbury Town Hall


Programme for 2017-18

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