Online Music from Musicians

During these difficult times when we are not able to attend concerts and musicians are not able to perform in public, some musicians are providing music online for our enjoyment.

Some of these concerts are free of charge, some musicians are asking for a donation for their "virtual" concerts.  It is worth remembering that while such restrictions exist to help us and the NHS, musicians are not able to earn money as they normally would.

Below are some links to online music provided by musicians. As we become aware of more, we will add them.

Many are available on websites such as "Youtube"

Virtual concert and note

from the Piatti Quartet


Dear Friends,


We all know these are unprecedented times. Sadly, self employed musicians find themselves effectively in an immediate redundancy, and scarily so for the foreseeable future, with no help to fall back on from the government. 

As many of you were going to see us soon on stage somewhere, we are writing to ask you whether you would be interested in sending us a small donation (£10 minimum - less than a concert ticket!) to be able to view us playing in your own home in an exclusive video.

On this never released video we are playing Brahms c minor quartet op.51 no.1.

Please write back if you are interested in this and we will send our bank details/ or address for a cheque and in return you will receive a link to your virtual house concert. 

In the mean time that we see you at a concert soon we wish you to stay safe, stay indoors and keep the importance of live music when we get out of this high in the spirits.


With all good wishes,


The Piatti Quartet


+44 7817 787379

Note from Yulia Chaplina . . 

Dear Friends

I hope you are all well, although I think it is a very hard time for everyone at the moment. So I decided to start a regular newsletter with some nice and short music videos to stay positive in this difficult time. We all know that music is very therapeutic and provides a great boost for our mental health.  So I hope my music will cheer you up! 

I plan to record to a short online videos with some very light and positive (jazz and classical) music and hopefully the pieces can make you feel better. I had a large number of concerts cancelled and it feels very strange not to have a regular schedule of upcoming events so this activity is great for my wellbeing too :) In case you might want to listen to me playing hardcore piano repertoire, you can find a lot of professional audio and video recordings on my website.

IMPORTANT: What do I need from you?

1.Your consent that you would like to join. I don't want to spam you so I will only send the emails to those who reply to this email stating whether they want to receive the emails.

2. If you know anyone else who might want to be a part of it, you can forward them my emails but please ask them to get in touch with me so I can add them to the newsletter list.

Here is an example of what you might get in your friendly "Musicbox' email (recorded yesterday and today): 

Miller Chattanooga Choo Choo

Gershwin The man I love

Although it's a YouTube link, it is a private listing and you won't find them in open internet. The recordings of course can not compete with the Berliner Philharmonie "Digital Concert hall" experience as don't have fancy expensive equipment at home (which I might get, if this initiative is really of interest to people), however I have a beautiful piano at home and I really hope that you enjoy listening to my music.

I look forward to hearing from you. Stay safe and let the music brighten up your days!

Best wishes, Yulia

Some more online music generously provided by Julia . . . . . 


Old RussianRomance

OldRussianRomanceAnd In Departing I Will Say


I would be delighted if you could join BBCRadio3 In Tune Broadcast tomorrow at approximately 6.30pm. 

It is also available via the internet under this link after the broadcast for 30 days


International Piano has published an interview with me about my project 'Music for the Mind':


I have written an article for the BBC Magazine on why playing an instrument now might boost your mood:


Of course I am continuing my weekly project 'Music for the Mind' - you can find all the details, previous recordings and subscribe here:


Finally I am starting a new series of interviews 'Musicians in Isolation" and am excited to share that my first confirmed interviewees are Sir András Schiff and Steven Isserlis. 

Welcome to the special newsletter of "Music for the Mind" dedicated to 75th anniversary of VE Day.

My husband and I decided to records some of the most beautiful Russian songs sung to support people during the war times in the Soviet Union. All the songs are arranged for cello and piano - cello is the perfect instrument to substitute the voice. 

I hope you will enjoy the recordings! I also would like to thank specially Kathleen and Jim for sending us these gorgeous flowers that you can see on my piano!

P.S. If of interest - here is my very recent interview with Sir András Schiff from Lockdown:

And also if of interest my recent interview to the International Piano Magazine:


1. 'Wait For Me'

Another very famous song of the War Times


Original Song sung by the amazing Dmitri Khvorostovsky:


Our Video

2. 'Marusya'

Original Video with Subtitles:

Our Video:

3. 'Ah, Roads!'



Original video:

Our video:

4. And finally the most famous of all - 'Katusha'

About the song:


Video of the Song originally from the Soviet Union:

Our Video:


Best wishes, Yulia

From Christina McMaster. . . 


I hope you are all staying well and staying inside as much as possible at the moment. 

What a strange time it is for all of us.

I was recently reading the ‘power of now’ by Eckhart Tolle, who writes about disease as coming from an imbalance - whether in our bodies, mind or the world. It is very challenging right now, but I do believe this is a moment in history to reconsider how we treat our environment and live our lives and question how can we create more sense of harmony and restore balance within the world. 

I created Lie down and Listen to create more sense of connection with each other and the world using music and meditation. My plan was to launch an app later this year and I have been working away on creating content for this. However, now seems like a time when we need this more than ever and the beautiful meditation guides by Annie Edwards are just so perfectly suited to what we really need right now. I have been wondering and wanting to help others during this time - the nurses, NHS staff and supermarket staff are doing extraordinary jobs. I would love to be able to help more. So, I will be offering weekly Meditation and lying down concert experiences on the liedownandlisten website. I will be posting a new one every Friday from this Friday 27 March to help you find a sense of calm and support through meditation and classical music. I am a firm believer that our positive vibes can help others and hope you can join in on generating some good vibrations.

I am also currently planning some live sessions so do subscribe on YouTube or Facebook to be notified of these. 

Meanwhile, here’s some soothing Satie - Gymnopedie no.1 which I just posted on YouTube this week...

Stay well and healthy,

with love

Christina x

 From the London Handel Players . . . . 

Dear Presenters

London Handel Players (

In the second of short video messages and performances from my artists in times where our concert halls are silent, the London Handel Players (Adrian Butterfield, Rachel Brown and Silas Wollston) wish to bring a message and a little music to your ears for Easter.  Please do feel free to circulate it in whichever way you may wish to.

J.S Bach Sonata from Cantata No.182

The London Handel Players have a plan afoot to work with their larger ensemble to bring the music of Handel to everyone in videos over the coming weeks, until they are able to play live to all again.

We hope you are keeping safe and well, we hope you enjoy the ensemble’s video and we send you our very best wishes,


Sinead O'Carroll

O’Carroll Artist & Project Management
28 Kings Road
Berkshire SL4 2AG
Tel: 01753 855432


Tasmin Little, Violin
Raphael Wallfisch, Cello
Emma Johnson, Clarinet
Rachel Brown, Flute
Arcadia Quartet 
London Handel Players
Trio Shaham Erez Wallfisch

From John Paul Ekins . . . . 

In these unprecented times I have been giving weekly piano recitals, LIVE from my music room, in an attempt to continue to bring live music to those who are struggling the most dring the lockdown, and to those who are missing concerts from their lives. I'd be thrilled if you would send the details in this email to your members - many people have written to me saying how mucy relief these concerts have been bringing them, and so I'm keen to reach out and try to share them with more people.

These are taking place every Sunday at 3pm, and are accessible on Facebook (account required - five minute signup) and YouTube (no account required) through the following links:

YouTube -

Facebook -

Tomorrow's programme is:

L. van Beethoven - Six Bagatelles, Op.126

J. Brahms - Intermezzo in B Minor, Op.119/1

F. Chopin - Étude in C# Minor, Op.25/7

All the programmes so far have been made up of requests from friends/family/audience members, and so you and your members are more than welcome to write to me and request something from the repertoire for future weeks. The back catalogue of all the concerts so far is also available on my channel on YouTube.

I've been using the concerts to secure NHS donations, and we've so far passed £2,500. The link is available here if anyone who enjoys the concerts would like to contribute:

I very much hope that this email finds you well, and send all best wishes and solidaroty for the rest of lockdown. Maybe 'see' you at the concert tomorrow.

JP Ekins


LIVE Concerts every Sunday, 3pm, through the Covid19 Lockdown. 

Watch on Facebook here

Watch on YouTube here 

John Paul Ekins       07903387991 

Click here to purchase John Paul's Live in Concert DVD, 

Click here to go to John Paul's Website