Chipping Sodbury Music Society aims to bring together lovers of different types of music and musicians in a friendly, convivial atmosphere.

" we had such an enjoyable concert..many good memories ...we would love to play again..any time ..... all best wishes to you all ,"

Kirsten Hellier

(Artisans Quartett)

March 2018

"Thank you so much for a really lovely day yesterday. We were so pleased to be invited back for your 70th Anniversary year and enjoyed the concert and the audience reaction immensely.

Thank you so much for your hospitality, help and the beautiful roses.

Best wishes

From Keziah, Harriet, Lizzy and Eleanor"

4 Girls 4 Harps

22 Feb  2018

Syrinx. Town Hall
SGMH at CS TH on 160517.2
Sophia Lisovskaya 12 Nov 2013
Shiry Rashkovsky
Sweet Rhythm Town Hall
Sophia and Sergey in Town Hall
artisans at CSTH 081116
Joglaresa at CS Town Hall
Antara at CS Town Hall
Bella Tromba Town Hall
Charleston Chasers 8 Oct 2013
DSCN9527 Corentin and Bartosz as CS Town Hall 40%-1
DSCN3273 for publicity
Emergence minus Annie
Flercussion at CS Town Hall #1
IMG_5669 The Dime Notes 20%
4 Girls 4 Harps at Town Hall

Photos from our concerts in Chipping Sodbury Town Hall

Our  Patron - Trevor Herbert

We are really grateful to our Patron, Trevor Herbert, for taking on this role.  It is a pleasure to work with Trevor and we would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his continuing support.

 Trevor is well-known locally for his association with Hobbs House Bakery but also has a long-standing interest in music, particularly choral works.  He is currently a member of Stroud Choral Society and performs with them regularly.  Trevor and his family have supported our Society for many years and we look forward to enjoying a future of listening to great music together.

We are very grateful to

Hobbs House Bakery

39 High Street

Chipping Sodbury

for agreeing to sell tickets
for all our concerts.

Concerts for the Chipping Sodbury Music Society are performed in the historic setting of

Chipping Sodbury Town Hall


"I want to thank you once again for making our first visit to the Chipping Sodbury Music Society such an enjoyable experience last night.  The hall set-up, piano and general ambiance were impeccable.. . . . It goes without saying that we would love to return sometime"

Dominic Alldis

Dominis Alldis Trio

April 2018


With the current situation in mind, Chipping Sodbury Music Society regrets to announce that we have cancelled the last two concerts for this 2019 - 20 Season:   

April 7 -  The Bristol Chamber Choir

May 5  - The Shirley Smart Jazz Trio

The Music Society Committee felt it was in the best interests of our members, guests and the musicians themselves not to expose anyone unnecessarily to this virus.

We plan to re-book these musicians for a future season in the future.  In light of the fact that these musicians rely on the income from these concerts and are now having all their concerts cancelled at short notice, we have decided to pay them 50% of their concert fees.  We hope this small geture will help them to continue with their excellent performing.

The Annual General Meeting, for members of the Society due to be on June 9, has also been cancelled, but may be re-booked for a later date, if possible.  We will notify members if this happens, and look forward to welcoming them then.

Meanwhile, the next season of excellent concerts (2020 - 21 Season) is finalised in the hope that we will be able to start the new season in October this year.  We will provide regular updates on .this websit

We look forward to seeing our existing members, and new ones for the next season.

In the meantime, we hope you all keep safe and well and we look forward to some excellent concerts of live music in our warm and convivial atmosphere.

Best wishes

Fred Willington

Chair,  Chipping Sodbury Music Society

Contact from some musicians.

This is a very difficult time for all musicians, who rely on performing to earn their living and pay their bills. We want to support them as best we can, as we will want to hear them play at our concerts in the future.

We have been contacted by some artists with details and links to some on-line music, which we can enjoy at our leisure in our own homes.

These are detailed below - please have a look and maybe a listen.

Virtual house concert and note

from the Piatti Quartet


Dear Friends,


We all know these are unprecedented times. Sadly, self employed musicians find themselves effectively in an immediate redundancy, and scarily so for the foreseeable future, with no help to fall back on from the government. 

As many of you were going to see us soon on stage somewhere, we are writing to ask you whether you would be interested in sending us a small donation (£10 minimum - less than a concert ticket!) to be able to view us playing in your own home in an exclusive video.

On this never released video we are playing Brahms c minor quartet op.51 no.1.

Please write back if you are interested in this and we will send our bank details/ or address for a cheque and in return you will receive a link to your virtual house concert. 

In the mean time that we see you at a concert soon we wish you to stay safe, stay indoors and keep the importance of live music when we get out of this high in the spirits.


With all good wishes,


The Piatti Quartet


+44 7817 787379

Note from Yulia Chaplina . . 

Dear Friends

I hope you are all well, although I think it is a very hard time for everyone at the moment. So I decided to start a regular newsletter with some nice and short music videos to stay positive in this difficult time. We all know that music is very therapeutic and provides a great boost for our mental health.  So I hope my music will cheer you up! 

I plan to record to a short online videos with some very light and positive (jazz and classical) music and hopefully the pieces can make you feel better. I had a large number of concerts cancelled and it feels very strange not to have a regular schedule of upcoming events so this activity is great for my wellbeing too :) In case you might want to listen to me playing hardcore piano repertoire, you can find a lot of professional audio and video recordings on my website.

IMPORTANT: What do I need from you?

1.Your consent that you would like to join. I don't want to spam you so I will only send the emails to those who reply to this email stating whether they want to receive the emails.

2. If you know anyone else who might want to be a part of it, you can forward them my emails but please ask them to get in touch with me so I can add them to the newsletter list.

Here is an example of what you might get in your friendly "Musicbox' email (recorded yesterday and today): 

Miller Chattanooga Choo Choo

Gershwin The man I love

Although it's a YouTube link, it is a private listing and you won't find them in open internet. The recordings of course can not compete with the Berliner Philharmonie "Digital Concert hall" experience as don't have fancy expensive equipment at home (which I might get, if this initiative is really of interest to people), however I have a beautiful piano at home and I really hope that you enjoy listening to my music.

I look forward to hearing from you. Stay safe and let the music brighten up your days!

Best wishes, Yulia

From Christina McMaster. . . 


I hope you are all staying well and staying inside as much as possible at the moment. 

What a strange time it is for all of us.

I was recently reading the ‘power of now’ by Eckhart Tolle, who writes about disease as coming from an imbalance - whether in our bodies, mind or the world. It is very challenging right now, but I do believe this is a moment in history to reconsider how we treat our environment and live our lives and question how can we create more sense of harmony and restore balance within the world. 

I created Lie down and Listen to create more sense of connection with each other and the world using music and meditation. My plan was to launch an app later this year and I have been working away on creating content for this. However, now seems like a time when we need this more than ever and the beautiful meditation guides by Annie Edwards are just so perfectly suited to what we really need right now. I have been wondering and wanting to help others during this time - the nurses, NHS staff and supermarket staff are doing extraordinary jobs. I would love to be able to help more. So, I will be offering weekly Meditation and lying down concert experiences on the liedownandlisten website. I will be posting a new one every Friday from this Friday 27 March to help you find a sense of calm and support through meditation and classical music. I am a firm believer that our positive vibes can help others and hope you can join in on generating some good vibrations.

I am also currently planning some live sessions so do subscribe on YouTube or Facebook to be notified of these. 

Meanwhile, here’s some soothing Satie - Gymnopedie no.1 which I just posted on YouTube this week...

Stay well and healthy, with love Christina x

Dear Presenters

London Handel Players (

In the second of short video messages and performances from my artists in times where our concert halls are silent, the London Handel Players (Adrian Butterfield, Rachel Brown and Silas Wollston) wish to bring a message and a little music to your ears for Easter.  Please do feel free to circulate it in whichever way you may wish to.

J.S Bach Sonata from Cantata No.182

The London Handel Players have a plan afoot to work with their larger ensemble to bring the music of Handel to everyone in videos over the coming weeks, until they are able to play live to all again.

We hope you are keeping safe and well, we hope you enjoy the ensemble’s video and we send you our very best wishes,


Sinead O'Carroll

O’Carroll Artist & Project Management
28 Kings Road
Berkshire SL4 2AG
Tel: 01753 855432

Tasmin Little, Violin
Raphael Wallfisch, Cello
Emma Johnson, Clarinet
Rachel Brown, Flute
Arcadia Quartet 
London Handel Players
Trio Shaham Erez Wallfisch

Seating is open

for all our events.

Please contact us beforehand on 01454 315741

if you have any special requirements.

We will do our best to help.

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